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Interracial Couple


Our programs guide family members through a variety of interesting, enjoyable, and practical learning situations where they create, practice, and develop more satisfying ways of communicating, problem-solving, working, playing, and living together. Topics and areas of discovery include:
  • ​Creating Healthy Families ​
  • Communicating values, expectations and priorities
  • Expressing feelings, love and affection
  • Talking about difficult subjects
  • Building self-esteem
  • Raising boys/raising girls
  • Disciplining with love
  • Balancing career and family

Creating Connections™​​ offers talks, seminars, and workshops for parents – teaching healthy communication and promoting deepening ´connections´ between family members; and fostering personal development and self-esteem.

Family Growth Salons ​are designed and tailored to the needs of parents and children entering the various stages of family development, including:
  • ​Expectant and new parenthood ​​
  • ​Parenting your toddler, preschooler, pre-adolescent, adolescent, and young adult
  • ​Parenting Through Separation and Divorce

Growing with Our Girls Seminars
Today, girls think and act in ´a seemingly mature fashion´, but emotionally and developmentally they are still children. The preteen and teenage years, especially, are changing, confusing times when girls need and want to be heard by their parents, but push them away harder than ever. So, how do we begin to dialogue with our girls about the important issues they are facing? What are the best ways to show support and encouragement? How can we respond effectively to our girls' questions, behaviors, and conflicts as they go through these challenging times?
Growing with our Girls was designed to help parents probe and discover answers to these critical questions. These seminars explore both the issues girls are dealing with and how we, as parents, respond, to our girls, helping parents to:
  • ​Better understand your daughter´s changing world​
  • Become more aware of and understand your reactions to your children
  • Get a better grasp on what your children really need (and really don´t)
  • Communicate more easily and effectively
  • Accept and appreciate yourself more
  • Learn and practice easy techniques that have a positive effect on the whole family
Programs for Community Organizations​
We offer presentations, consultation, and training to community groups, civic and corporate organizations, and schools.

For more information, please contact us.​